Broadmeadows Estuary, Dublin

Broadmeadows Estuary in Swords, North County Dublin is one of the best bird watching sites in Dublin. It is recognised as a hotspot for birding in Dublin as it regularly attracts rare birds. A rare white-rumped sandpiper visited the estuary in early August 2021. Broadmeadows is a large tidal estuary that is a haven for birds in Autumn, Winter and Spring. At low tide, large areas of mudflats are exposed providing rich feeding grounds for many different types of waders.

Large numbers of Brent Geese flock to the estuary in winter. You can also expect to see Teal, Wigeon, Shelduck,  Mallard, Mute Swans and large numbers of waders. Redshank and Greenshank are common. Snipe can sometimes be seen at the edges of the reed beds.

Whooper Swans have occasionally been seen at the estuary. Grey Heron and Little Egrets are regular visitors. Other regulars include Lapwings, Black Tailed Godwits, Black Headed Gulls and Common Gulls. Large flocks of Golden Plover are occasional visitors.

There is a pathway that runs the entire length of the estuary. It gives you excellent access for bird photography. Most of the photographs below were taken from the pathway. At the narrow end of the Broadmeadows Estuary, near the motorway bridge, there is a wide road that goes to Swords. As you walk towards Swords there is access to hedgerows and an open area where you can find a wide variety of small birds.

Search for Dennehy Rosswood Kennels in Google maps. This is at the start of the road that runs the length of the estuary. Drive a few hundred metres and you will come to several lay-by’s for parking. Sat Nav co-ordinates are 53.4611260, -6.1921400.

Cave’s Marsh is located at the Malahide end of the estuary.

Bird Watching Ireland Hotspot

There are 46 different bird species in the “Broadmeadows Estuary” photo gallery. This makes it a “Bird Watching Ireland Hotspot”.