Bird Watching Bull Island

Bull Island is one of the most popular locations for Bird Watching in Ireland. It has a 5 kilometre long beach and tidal estuary. This is one of the best bird watching sites in Dublin for bird watching. At low tide, there are substantial areas of mudflats exposed where you can see wildfowl and waders. Extensive dunes at the back of the beach hold finches, warblers, buntings, pipits and skylarks. There are also birds of prey including Kestrel, Merlin and Peregrine.

Search for the “Wooden Bridge Dublin” in Google Maps. This will bring you to the bridge that crosses the estuary to the beach. You can park on the beach, or along the road leading to the beach. You can also search for Causeway Road, which is another road to the beach. Sat-Nav co-ordinates are 53°22’26.3″N 6°09’51.6″W.

Bull Island North is accessed from the Causeway Road near Saint Anne’s Park. At the end of the causeway turn left, heading North. Follow the beach until you reach the end. It is a 3.5 Km walk in each direction, so you will need at least 3 hours. At the tip of Bull Island you have direct access to the tidal channel that runs along the back of the beach. Here you will see waders, gulls, wildfowl and divers. There are often grey seals and common seals resting on the beach. The dunes behind the beach hold skylarks and pipits. Watch out for birds of prey. You can park your car near the end of the causeway. Sat Nav co-ordinates are: 53.369886, -6.148891

The James Larkin Road runs along the sea front in Kilpatrick. At low tide the mudflats between the road and Bull Island are exposed. This attracts  wildfowl, waders and gulls. You can walk towards Howth or towards the Dollymount. Check the tide times and avoid going there when the tide is full. There is no parking along the road but you can park in one of the housing estates. Sat-Nav co-ordinates are 53.382478, -6.150222 .

Howth Harbour is only a 20 minute drive from Bull Island!

Bird Watching Ireland Hotspot

There are 32 different bird species in the “Bull Island” photo gallery. This makes it a Hotspot for bird watching in Ireland