A Grey Heron flies across the harbour in Dungarvan, Waterford, IReland

Birding Dungarvan

Dungarvan is a coastal town in County Waterford on the south east coast of Ireland. This part of Ireland is often referred to as the “Sunny South East”. Dungarvan is 47 Kilometres from Waterford. The Colligan River flows through Dungarvan and there are extensive mudflats exposed at low tide. These extend almost three kilometres from the town. There is a roadway extends along the length of the estuary where large numbers of birds feed at low tide.

The river then flows through the town and there are multiple points of access for bird watching. A bridge extends across the river in the town and this will give you access to Walton Park where you see birds in the trees. At the opposite end of the park there is another bridge which will take you fully across the river. Follow the river bank where you will see gulls and and waders. This eventually takes you to a church and graveyard. From here you can access the beach and walk along the shoreline for several hundred metres.

When to Visit

The best time to visit is a few hours before high tide. As the tide comes in, it will drive the birds closer to you. There is a choice of places to park. Parking is available on the road outside the Park Hotel Dungarvan. From here you can walk away from the town along the estuary. There is a footpath that takes you to the end of the estuary. If you walk towards the town, cross the bridge and walk through Walton Park. From there you can reach the beach.

There is an alternative parking area on the way towards the beach. It is called the “Parking Lot of Patrick Nin Organ” and it is right beside the estuary.

Sat Nav co-ordinates for parking at the Park Hotel are 52.094801, -7.6227012

Sat Nav co-ordinates for parking at the “Parking Lot of Patrick Nin Organ” are 52.089790, -7.613624

While you are in the Sunny South East, you could consider visiting Wexford Wildfowl Reserve which is is a 90 minute drive from Dungarvan.