Great Saltee Island Wexford


Make sure you visit the Saltee Islands in Wexford. It is a must for anybody interested in bird watching in Ireland. Great Saltee Island is one of two islands lying off the coast of Wexford. The island is privately owned and the owners allow a limited number of visitors each day in Spring and Summer. Seabirds flock to the islands in large numbers. This makes it one of the best birding sites in Wexford.

Take the ferry service from Kilmore Quay to Great Saltee Island. In order to be sure you get there, contact Declan Bates for reservations – Phone: +353 87 252 9736. The ferry journey takes about 20 minutes. Search for “Kilmore Quay Harbour” in Google maps. There is a large public car park just 100 metres past the harbour. Sat-Nav co-ordinates: 52.1723143, -6.5894147.

Be aware that there is no pier on the island. You will transfer from the ferry to a smaller boat and then you will be brought to the beach. This is a stoney shoreline and there can be areas of seaweed. Remove your shoes and socks to stay dry! Don’t let this put you off. This a primary birdwatching site in Wexford and well worth the trip. Bring a bottle of water and something to eat!

Carne Beach is just a 30 minute drive from Kilmore Quay!