Birding Balbriggan, Dublin

The town of Balbriggan in North County Dublin is just a few Kilometres north of Skerries. There is a large beach beside the small fishing harbour. At low tide, there are large amounts of sand and rocks which provide a food source for a wide variety of birds. In fact, on my visit to get these photographs, there was a pair of Mute Swans on the beach - not a common sight!

There is  public carpark directly behind the harbour. Watch out from Monday to Friday as it is a "Pay & Display" carpark. Parking is free on Saturday and Sunday. From here you can walk along the pier and also get access to the beach. At low tide, it is possible to walk for several kilometres along the shoreline. 

There is a second carpark overlooking the beach just a few minutes walk, north of the harbour. This gives you alternative access to the  beach. Watch out for the time of the tide on the day of your visit. There are sand cliffs along several parts of the beach and the water comes right up to the base of these locations at full tide. So make sure you know what time the tide is due in!

The sat-nav co-ordinates for the carpark at the harbour are: 53.610134, -6.181574

The sat-nav co-ordinates for the carpark overlooking the beach are 53.615268, -6.183061

Balbriggan is only a 10 minute drive from Skerries!