Ireland’s Eye

Ireland’s Eye is a small island located just off Howth in North County Dublin. It is uninhabited, altough this was not always the case. Evidence of occupation includes the ruins of a small church as well as a Martello Tower. There are several boat operators that operate tours aorunt the island and you can be back on the pier in about an hour.

The side of the island that cannot be seen from the shore is home to hundreds of seabirrds that nest on the high cliffs. In Spring, there is a lot of bird activity and it is a good time to visit if you want to see a wide variety of bird species.

I booked a one hour tour with Ireland’s Eye Ferries  and it was an ideal way to get close to the birds. They operate from the West Pier and you can book tour tour online and just turn up 15 minutes before departure. You will see a wide variety of sea birds most likely seals.