Bird Watching Ireland

Carne Beach is located near Carnsore Point, the headland at the southeast tip of Ireland. Wexford is one of the most popular sites for bird watching in Ireland. There is a pier protecting a small fishing harbour. On one side of the pier there is a sandy beach with sand dunes. On the other side, it is more rocky but with large sandy areas that make it easy to explore. You will see a wide variety of gulls, terns (in summer) and waders along the shore, as well as finches, chats and warblers around the local area. You can also find rare visitors during spring and autumn.

Search for Carne Beach in Google Maps. When you reach the Lighthouse Bar, turn right to park at the harbour. From here you can access the beaches on both sides of the pier. Sat Nav co-ordinates are 52.197437, -6.349161. Carne Beach is only a six minute drive from Our Lady’s Island, so it is easy to visit both sites on the same day.