Birds of Glasnevin Cemetery

This is probably an unusual place to go Bird Watching in Dublin but it is located right next door to the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland in Glasnevin, Dublin. This creates a very large habitat for wildlife within Dublin City. Both the gardens and the cemetery are known for the large population of grey squirrels in the area. There is an access gate between the park and the cemetery, but remember the cemetery closes at 6.00 PM every day! There is a public car park in the gardens, located here: 53.371565, -6.269545 . Alternatively you can enter the cemetery through a pedestrian gate in Prospect Square which is home to the Gravediggers Pub! ; 53.369546, -6.272215

Glasnevin cemetery is linked by a walkway to the National Botanic Gardens. The Tolka River flows through the gardens. The area attracts a wide variety of birds all year.