Cave’s Marsh Bird Watching

Cave’s Marsh is located where the Gaybrook Stream enters the Broadmeadows Estuary in North Dublin. As the name suggests, it is a marshy area that drains into the estuary. This environment attracts attracts a variety of birds, including waders, wildfowl and gulls. There is a gravel pathway that runs along the shore of the estuary and then along the side of the marsh. It is a reliable area to find common gulls.

Cave’s Marsh is located at the end of the road that runs alongside Broadmeadows Estuary from Swords to Malahide.  There is a small parking area just before a sharp right turn at Seabury Park. The entrance to the park is about 20 metres from this parking area. When you walk through the park, the estuary will be on your left. Follow the path for 10 minutes and you will reach the marsh. The satnav co-ordinates for the parking layby are 53.457377, -6.180239. If the parking bay is full, you can find street parking within a short distance.