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I always had an interest in photography. My first SLR camera was a Pentax ME Super that could be described today as an antique. About 8 years ago I came across a Grey Heron trying to swallow a fish that was way too big! I haven’t stopped taking photographs of birds in Ireland since then. I purchased a Canon 650D and a 70 – 300 zoom lens. Today I use a Canon 7D MKII with a Canon 100-400 Lens and a Canon 1.4 Extender. I always shoot in manual mode. This give me full control over shutter speed and aperture. I leave ISO set at at automatic.

“Bird Watching Ireland” has photograph galleries of all of the Bird Watching Locations in Ireland that I visit for bird photography. Included here is  information about the birding location / site as well as directions and parking information. If you enjoy bird photography, I would be happy to feature good quality photographs of birds that you captured yourself at a particular birding site. Just send them in by email to and I will feature them in the gallery. I can’t promise to feature any more than three photographs.

Please include details of where each of the photographs were taken, along with general directions to the location and information on where to park. I will visit the location and then add a gallery to the website. This will feature photographs of the birds taken on the day, along with your own bird photography. If you just want to send details of a new location, I would be delighted to hear from you!

Bird Photography Camera Settings

Camera settings for bird photography is a very personal choice. And a lot depends on what camera you use and what lens you use. If you are interested in the settings I use for most of the photographs on this site, click on the following link:

Bird photography camera settings

Bird Photography Gallery

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