Bird Watching Slane, Meath, Ireland

Slane, River Boyne

Slane is a small village in County Meath located on the banks of the River Boyne. There is a long bridge spanning the river as you come from the south and it is so narrow that traffic is controlled by traffic lights. As a result, you can only cross the bridge from one direction at a time.

As you approach the bridge from the south, you can turn left just before crossing the river. Parking is available here along the banks of the river. If you are coming from the north, turn right as you reach the end of the bridge. Walk back across the bridge and you will see a gateway on the left hand side. There is also a path on the right hand side of the bridge which leads to another gateway.

The gateway to your left takes you along the bank of the river. You will pass through farmlands and woodlands. The gate on the right will take you along the oath of the old canal. This is no longer in use and the water can be stagnant in parts, particularly in summer when there is less rain. The canal will be on your right, and the river on your left. At different stages the path can be quite close to the river, or it can be quite a distance away. You should allow at least a couple of hours to walk in each direction.

Slane is only a 30 minute drive from Dublin.

Co-ordinates for Parking are: 53.702888, -6.542040

Slane is only a 30 minute drive from Mornington.

River Boyne, Slane

A Chaffinch perched on a tree on the Rover Boyne in Ireland
A Red Bunting in Slane, County Meath
A Mallard flies over the River Boyne in Slane, County Meath, Ireland
A Moorhen in Shallow Water in Slane, County Meath
Meadow Pipis in farmland at Slane County Meath
A Hooded Crow in a tree in Slane, Ireland
A Buzzard flies over Slane, County Meath, Ireland
A Mallard swims in the Boyne River in Slane County Meath
A Reed Bunting in a thorn bush, River Boyne, Ireland